“Teamwork makes the dreamwork………”

Ive been thinking a lot lately about the impact that the current pandemic is having on the workplace.

VE day saw 1000’s of people enjoying a sense of community with neighbours, this had me thinking about how the pandemic has had the opposite effect in the workplace, with many of the UK’s workforce working from home in a solitary environment.

Put simply companies are losing their sense of teamwork!

There is no Monday morning chatter, no making a brew as an excuse to chat and no debrief with colleagues after a particularly tough call which I feel has lead to a loss of unity within the workforce.

Recently I have spoken with a friend who is also a successful business lady and she said that working from home has really highlighted the “Slackers” in the workplace, but maybe these slackers need others around them to motivate and keep productivity levels up.

What is for certain is that this pandemic is going to be around for some time yet, so businesses are having to adapt to survive, my question to all you lovely people who have taken the time to read this is how are you adapting to the challenges of staff working from home and are you having any issues with productivity within the workplace?


Howard Forster

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