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Retail and hospitality training

Retail, Hospitality & Security

In the ever growing and cut-throat competitiveness of the retail, leisure, hospitality and security sectors, knowing how to deal with customers is vitally important to business survival.

Howard James Training has a range of some fun and interactive (role-play based) training courses, usually deliverable on your premises (to minimise disruption) that will ensure your staff and key personnel are aware of their role (and in some cases responsibilities) that they play in your businesses success or failure.

Retail Courses

Customer Service (1day) *
Customer Service & Conflict Management "combi" (1 day)
Level 2 Customer Service (1day)
Level 2 Personal License Holder (1day)

SIA Security Training

Level 2 Door Supervisor (4 or 5 days without distance learning)
Level 2 Security Office (3 or 4 days without distance learning)
Level 2 CCTV Operator (£ or 4 days without distance learning)

Additional Security & Stewarding Courses

Level 2 Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events (AUSSE)
Crime Scene Preservation *
Retail Security, Conflict Management & Physical Intervention *
Approved Search Practices (people, premises, possessions) *
Level 2 Conflict Management
Conflict Management & Physical interventions *
Physical Interventions refresher *
Response Team Training *
Banksman / Traffic Management *

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